Sunday, 21 January 2018

Apple Macintosh Keyboards (M0110 and M0110A)

A Macintosh is nothing without a mouse but also is a bit pointless without a keyboard as well. M0110 was the original Macintosh keyboard dating from 1984. It was connected to the Mac via a telephone style connector. It isn't a bad keyboard to be honest with a reasonable feel and has a nice chunky solid feel about it.

Apple wanted people to only use the mouse to select items so the keyboard has no arrow keys. It also didn't have a numeric keypad, a separate keypad was available for the Mac.

Later on in 1986 came with the M0110A keyboard for the Macintosh Plus and included the missing keypad. Both keyboards are displayed below, the M0110A is a fair bit bigger and also has arrow keys though has a similar feel.